Higher Education Act of 1965 - Section 1209, 20 U.S. C. 1145d (Foreign Contracts)

Federally Mandated Reporting/Disclosure Form

Program Title and Description:

Higher Education Act of 1965
(Section 1209, 20 U.S.C. 1145d)

Who is Responsible for Reporting?

Primary Contact
Robert C. Moore
Carrington Hall 101
Secondary Contact(s)
International Programs

Where is Report Physically Located?

Carrington Hall 101

What Should be Reported?

Contracts with foreign sources
Gifts from foreign sources valued at over $250,000

When Should it be Reported?

By each 1-31 and 7-31 (twice per year)

Where is it to be Reported?

U.S. Department of Education
Office of Federal Student Aid
8930 Ward Parkway, Suite 2028
Kansas City, MO 64114-3302

Why Should it be Reported?

Required by Statute

How is it Reported?

Via the Application for Approval to Participate in Federal Student Aid Programs

If notification is required, how is it reported?