Title II, Sections 207 and 208 of the Higher Education Act of 1998

Federally Mandated Reporting/Disclosure Form

Program Title and Description:

Title II, Sections 207 and 208 of the Higher Education Act of 1998

Each State that receives funds under this Act shall provide, among other things, the percentage of teaching candidates who passed each of the assessments used by the State for initial teacher certification and licensure, and the passing score on each assessment that determines whether a candidate has passed that assessment.

To provide this information, each institution of higher education that conducts a teacher preparation program will annually report to the State and the general public, in a uniform and comprehensible manner that conforms with the definitions and methods established under a "Report Card" format.

Who is Responsible for Reporting?

Primary Contact
James Sottile, Associate Dean, College of Education
Hill Hall 306B
(417) 836-5326

Where is Report Physically Located?


What Should be Reported?

  1. Report Card – includes the following information:
    1. Pass Rate
      1. For the most recent year for which information is available, the pass rate of the institution’s graduates on the teacher certification or licensure assessments of the State in which the institution is located;
      2. A comparison of the program’s pass rate with the average pass rate for programs in the State; and (iii) In the case of teacher preparation programs with fewer than 10 graduates taking any single initial teacher certification or licensure assessment during an academic year, the institution shall collect and publish information with respect to an average pass rate on State certification or licensure assessments taken over a 3-year period.
    2. Program Information The number of students in the program, the average number of hours of supervised practice teaching required for those in the program, and the faculty-student ratio in supervised practice teaching.
    3. Statement In States that approve or accredit teacher education programs, a statement of whether the institution’s program is so approved or accredited.
    4. Designation as Low-Performing Whether the program has been designated as low-performing by the State under section 208(a).
  2. Requirement – The information described in paragraph (1) shall be reported through publications such as school catalogs and promotional materials sent to potential applicants, secondary school guidance counselors, and prospective employers of the institution’s program graduates.

When Should it be Reported?

The Institutional Report Card is due at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education by April 7 of each year. The state agency combines our report with reports from other teacher education programs in Missouri and makes a statewide report to the U.S. Dept. of Education by October 7 of the same year.

Where is it to be Reported?

The required information must be included in our undergraduate catalogs beginning with the fall 2002 catalog. It must also be included in any promotional materials which might be sent to potential applicants of the teacher preparation programs, secondary school counselors, and prospective employers of graduates from the teacher preparation programs.

Why Should it be Reported?

A fine of $25,000 may be imposed for failure to comply with these regulations. In addition, failure to comply might cause students enrolled in the teacher preparation programs to be ineligible for federal financial aid.

How is it Reported?


If notification is required, how is it reported?